Monthly Letter to the Parish - May 2021

Wide Open Worship was a feature of our Easter Day celebrations: held in our churchyard, our service attracted large numbers of local people and visitors. Wide because our beautiful churchyard offers space to spread out, not only facilitating the Covid precautions,  but also enabling us to be more aware of the wider world around us - nature, birdsong, passing walkers, traffic and aircraft above: worship is not escapism from ordinary life but is an integral part of giving us a meaningful perspective on that life.

Open because we were able to welcome some people who may have found being inside the church building less appealing: there were several appreciative comments about the less formal feel that is possible out of doors, with families finding it particularly helpful.

This may not be seen by some as conventional 'church' but I found it a delightful aspect of the Easter celebration. As we now continue, weather permitting, to hold services in our churchyard please feel free to come along 'just as you are' - that is what God wants.



Gerald South