The Church of the Holy Cross, Avening

Monthly Letter to the Parish - April 2019

Living an uncertain life in an uncertain world

As this is being written it is not known whether you are now reading it in a country that still belongs to the EU; either way there remain many uncertainties about the future of politics and economics in our country.

Such lack of certainty often pervades our personal lives too. Spare a thought for those people some two thousand years ago who saw the person they most respected, the one who seemed to be bringing hope and love to a challenging world, being utterly humiliated, tortured and murdered in the most degrading way. To them at that time any chance of a bright future would appear to have gone; the world and their lives devastated.

We are now entering a period of the year when the events surrounding the life of Jesus, his death and resurrection come into sharp focus. What really did happen then? Read the gospel accounts and perhaps one or more of the many books that have been written about it, then form your own judgement. However, whatever it was that did happen, the result on those friends of Jesus was quite extraordinary: they changed from being dejected and demoralised to being a joyful and  successful force for good. The Christian community they initiated has transformed the lives of countless others over the years since, including the lives of many of our villagers today.

So if you are feeling that there seems little hope, or even that all is not well, the Easter story may provide some perspective and encouragement to see things differently. That may not necessarily be easy to do on one's own. Our church services and our church communities are here for all. Church is not for the holy and righteous, it is for each of us wherever we 'are at' and shares the Easter message with everyone. If you are not used to churchy things, why not give it a try? We will be holding services for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, the much valued Temebrae service on Good Friday, and Easter Sunday ... not to mention the rest of the year.

Gerald South