The Church of the Holy Cross, Avening

Monthly Letter to the Parish - January / February 2019

So it's all over then ... Christmas, that is. The tree has been recycled, the wrapping paper is in the loft, even the turkey and the cake are now all gone. It was fun while it lasted but now we can get back to real ordinary life, perhaps a relief for some, perhaps a reminder of how mundane our lives might sometimes seem.

Well, there is another angle. The point of Christmas is that our Creator identifies with us 'mere' humans: as it has been expressed, "The divine becomes human so that humans can become more like the divine". No-one is a 'mere' or a 'just'. No moment of life is mundane or ordinary.

Everyone is special and every second is a divine gift in which we are invited to live life and live it to the full, whatever the month or the year, whatever the weather or the state of Brexit.

What did Jesus mean by living life to the full (a quote from John's gospel chapter 10 verse 10)? Surely he meant using all our gifts as much and as constructively as possible, both for our own fulfillment and for the good of others, not least those who seem to be struggling with life. That is something to enjoy from now until next Christmas, and beyond.

Gerald South