Weddings, Baptisms and other Celebrations

Brides and Families coming to Holy Cross for their big events are warmly encouraged to choose their own music in their own style and we can accommodate a wide range of requests. In recent years we have had songs from “Oliver” for a Baptism, the theme tune to “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves for a Bridal entry, Bagpipes, Flutes, and Trumpets and an assortment of soloists and choirs.

We are always happy, with advance notice, to provide every possible encouragement to you and are very open to your suggestions. What matters is putting together a service which will have meaning for you and for your family and friends, which is uplifting and celebratory and which gives you a sense of occasion. Choose things you know and love and ensure that everyone joins in.

We encourage you to be original and to make your own choices but there are a number of sites on the internet you may wish to visit to gain some ideas suitable for Weddings, Blessings, Baptisms or reaffirmation of vows. This is a good main C of E site for services and good entry to the site as a whole. This site includes the words and music of the more popular wedding hymns as well as suggestions for readings. This gives some Biblical and other readings for your wedding. Those contemplating a wedding at Holy Cross should contact the Church in the first instance - Contact Us